E-Mail: tedkwg@gmail.com
5240 County Road 22 - Kremmling, Colorado 80459
Colorado Department of Agriculture Processor License #152-28149-12

Kremmling Wild Game
 Processing has been serving hunters since 1978 in Kremmling, Colorado.

We are a family owned business with clients from all over the United States and other countries.
Ranchers, guides and outfitters and the general public are regular customers.
We take pride in the fact that one animal is cut at a time until it is completed, there is no comingling of your animal with another animal.

Our business does very little advertising due to the return of regular customers every year, we do welcome new hunters if their animal is well taken care of in the field.

We reserve the right to refuse any animal that is spoiled, mis-handled or suspected for chronic wasting disease.

Our business takes pride in taking part in the Hunter Wishes Foundation for critically ill hunters. We donate all processing of their animals to this great organization.

All military veterans will receive a 10% discount on your game processing, let us know!

Area Information:
The Middle Park area of Colorado is know for its excellent big game hunting.
The weather can be very unpredictable, somedays hot and dry, others cold and snowy, come prepared for any type of weather.
The area around Middle Park is 70% public lands, Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and State Lease lands.
It is very difficult to access private land in this area, most are leased by Guide & Outfitters or the
landowner leases the hunting out to hunters.
The elevation ranges from 7,000 to 12,000 feet with pine forests in most areas and dryland sagebrush in other areas.
The high elevations are good hunting in the Archery, Muzzleloader and First Rifle seasons.
The animals tend to migrate down to lower elevations during the Second to Fourth Rifle seasons. The weather and hunting pressure can dictate when the animals choose to move to lower elevations.
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